Crop Circle Chakra Cards
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A set of 8 Crop Circle Chakra
Cards, laminated and double
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These are only available
through the Internet.
One day, my personal Macrobiotic Dietary Counselor and
Shiatsu Therapist approached me with the idea of creating
graphic images incorporating Crop Circles within them.  
Each Crop Circle had been Muscle Tested on multiple people
and had found to relate to healing patterns of the specific
Seven Chakras.  I found this to be interesting as a Certified
Massage Therapist, published Graphic Artist and Orphic
Metaphysicist, thus undertook the task of creating the

Deciding what to use as a base principal for each became the
new task.  Eventually the artistic imagery needed to be as
life, that of life, nature in it’s essence.  I happened to be
fortunate enough to travel throughout this time.  I traveled
the East Cost from Philadelphia, PA to Hollywood, Florida,
then to San Francisco, CA, and finally Oaxaca, Mexico and
snapped the digital camera away.  Everything from sunrises,
clouds, marshes, oceans, etc.; carefully selected scenes that
were breathtaking as well as personally moving.   

While working with each image, I thought about what would
diversify this deck from any other and passively searched for
clarity.  During meditation, the answer appeared.  Creating
unique works that enabled the mind to “fall” into them while
meditating and centering their energy, while highlighting the
Crop Circle placed on them.

Do you remember as a child looking through a kaleidoscope?
They would move and change and all the while every other
rotation manipulated the art.  Thus utilizing the concept,
and many various graphic programs, I took the selected
nature scenes and worked them into scope.

After extensive research, I have learned that there has never
been anything quite developed and open to the public for use
of crop circles in this medium of meditation, divination and
healing.  I hope that their existence helps enhance yours.  I
have placed many home made decks with specific
individuals for testing, and usage.  Many various uses of this
deck have become apparent.  They are a great addition to
any tarot reading highlighting where in the body unresolved
issues may be suppressed, and which card is needed to help
release and improve energetic flow and personal clarity, etc.

The set was created in 2003, and to date over ONE
THOUSAND SETS have been privately pressed and sold.  
contact Beth Ann to place an order for individual
prints, sizes, and card set rates.  On the other side of the card
set series, is all of the information pertaining to that specific

Here is an example:


Number:  1
Color:  Red
Location:  Base of Spine
Main Issue:  Survival
Goal:  Stability
Body Part:  Legs, Feet
Food:  Protein
Gland:  Adrenals
Function:  Grounding
Sense:  Smell
Sound: Ō
Gemstone:  Bloodstone
Quieting Stone:  Hematite
Stimulating Stone:  Garnet
Aroma:  Cinnamon
Fragrance:  Cedar
Incense:  Myrrh
Element - Symbol:  Earth - ■
Planet:  Saturn
Metal:  Lead
Angel:  Auriel
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