Theta Flames
100% recycled soy wax
Carbon Free Wick
Natural Fragrant Scents
P.O. Box 701
Emmaus, PA 18049
Telephone: 610-217-9099
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My daughter and I really enjoy making candles
together.  My Mother taught me how to create
candles as a young child, and in time, I
inherited her Candle Creating Supplies.  Thus,
over time, I have now taught my own child the
beauty of creating such treasures.  

Theta Flames are created out of:
Each candle is custom crafted to the
customers wishes.  All sizes, color(s), and
scents utilized are customizable.  The candles
may also be charged for meditation purposes,
positive manifestation, dream traveling, etc.  

Most candles that are created are coveted and
never burnt due to their display factor and
unique way of turning into a centerpiece
adding ambiance to a space.  

Other candles are burnt and scent off into the
ethers, and those individuals have become
loyal supporters of the unique quality of the
Theta Flame.

Theta Flame prices range from $20.00 - $50.00
depending on size, color dimension, and
fragrance choice.  Shipping and Handling is a
separate fee, and prices will be given upon
request.  Purchases may only be made over the